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Jon and Ken grew up in the same beach town in California and have been friends since high school.  Since Ken moved his family to Pennsylvania, they have both tried to visit one another regularly.  Regardless of who was visiting who, the routine has always stayed the same.  Select and open a new bourbon or whiskey and stay up most of the night catching up and discussing a favorite television show they were both watching.  Their close friendship and similar interests led to them being nicknamed the Bourbon Brothers by friends and family.

When the global pandemic hit in early 2020 and both were unable to travel, they decided to take their love of bourbon and television virtual, and The Liquid Courage Show was born.  Now they meet each week to crack open a new bourbon or whiskey (and sometimes other spirits and beers) and discuss a television show, episode by episode.  They invite you to join them on their YouTube Channel and follow along with them as they enjoy some bourbon, have some fun, and break down their favorite episodes.

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